Happy June half term!

Firstly let's start by saying a huge 'THANK YOU!', the first half of Summer term has been a great success...we just couldn't have done it without you. Secondly, happy half term! We hope everyone is enjoying the long awaited sunshine, hopefully there will even have been some holiday swims by now.

After Half Term:

We are constantly reviewing and assessing swimmers, this sometimes leads to changes being made before the end of a term. If your class has a new swimmer we ask that you are supportive and patient while they adjust to their new teacher and peers.

Although we cannot wait to get back to normality and to see everyone's smiling faces, we will continue with existing procedures for the final 6 weeks of term. Please remember to:

arrive swim ready where possible

wear your mask at all times

socially distance where possible

be aware of time - 10mins before 10mins after

You can see a full details in our Swim Safe Guidance.

Venue Rules

We appreciate that the focus on new procedures has led to some basic (but super important) poolside rules being left behind. Here is a quick reminder:

  • No food (especially nuts)

  • No photography/filming

  • Please wear a swim hat

  • Please wear shoe covers if provided

  • An adult must remain on site for the lesson duration

  • Children must be accompanied in the changing room by an adult

See you soon

That's it from us,see you all on T 8th June/ W 9th June for the final 6 weeks of term. See you soon!

All the best from the Let's Swim Team.

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