Lockdown II


Hello swimmers, hopefully you are keeping well, and active during Lockdown II. Although the news of the latest lockdown was received with great disappointment, we are extremely grateful to have made a huge success of our return to the pool during the Autumn 1 Term. Well done to all swimmers for making such amazing progress and a huge thank you to each and every family for your continued support - you have helped to make our safe return possible.

What happens next?

We are still waiting for confirmation regarding our return to the pool.

However, in an ideal situation we are looking to hold two final sessions before breaking for Christmas. This will be possible if we are given permission to use the pool from Wednesday 2nd December. As soon as we have some clarification from the Government, our governing bodies and our pool facilitators we will be in touch to confirm the plan of action. In the meantime with this point in the term usually time for re-booking and preparation for Spring Term 2021 we now need clarification from you to help us come back stronger than ever in January.

Spring Term 2021

Below is a link to the Spring 21 term dates. We are asking all swimmers to complete this quick form to confirm your booking status for January. Once we have this information and we know how many lessons are officially cancelled we will be able to offer credit and send out invoices for the term to come. Although we are continuously assessing the progress of our swimmers, there will be official assessments next term, with each swimmer being awarded around March.

Swimming Brains

We look forward to welcoming you back to the pool very soon. In the meantime keep active and keep those swimming brains engaged. Non swimmers and beginners will benefit from practicing simple swim related games at bath time like blowing bubbles, splashing, wetting parts of the face and submersion. More advanced swimmers will benefit from keeping their general fitness levels up which will help with stamina in the pool, if your swimmer (like many) likes technology stroke technique videos may be useful activity for those who benefit from visual cues especially. Finally everyone benefits from practicing putting on their swimming hat and goggles, how quickly can your swimmer put theirs on?

Stay safe and we will see you very soon! Let’s Swim

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